About Us

 Brief History:

Deneka Printing Systems, Inc. was started in November 1994 by Kenneth (Ken) Deneka and originally was named QuadTech, Inc.  Our name was changed in 1999.  At that time Ken had 28 years of experience in various engineering, manufacturing and management positions in converting businesses using a wide variety of printing, coating, laminating, vacuum forming, metallizing and film extrusion equipment and methods which generally were always developing new materials and methods for tight specification, high performance materials that were industry innovations at the time.

• First magnetic stripe on credit cards
• First heat seal coated over-laminate film for credit cards
• First flat-die extruded HIPS litho-quality wide sheet
• First metallized film used in food packaging: snacks and meat
• First viable metallized film microwave susceptor material
• First aluminum ESD (Electrostatic dissipative)  transparent material
• Made the Heat Shield for the Sky Lab program
• First to develop TPU (Thermoplastic Urethane) material for use in
athletic shoes and other shock absorbing applications
• First use of aliphatic polyurethane for use in automotive trim applications

 This background enabled a very different view of how to design a chamber.  During the last 22 years of continuous operation, we have seen our equipment installed all over America and in 24 countries.  Our designs for the chamber and support systems have evolved over the years and offer the widest range of options available anywhere to suit the specific needs of an incredible range of applications, inks and coatings.  We are nothing if not adaptable and always willing to consider new challenges.